News: Custom Made MAME Arcade Cabinet

Custom Made MAME Arcade Cabinet

JeremyThroopityThroop posted this awesome hand built MAME arcade cabinet to the WonderHowTo Company Blog. Check out the stats here, and if you're interested in building your own, fellow WonderHowTo user Walter Teruya has also contributed a two-part tutorial, which can be found here and here.

Custom Made MAME Arcade Cabinet


Wow, that's a Tron-looking sexy machine!
What monitor did you use? CTR? LCD?

I would have taken a better picture if I knew it would end up on the home page!

Well, it is pretty awesome. We love featuring great stuff - so if you've been making other cool things, please post more of them on our Corkboard at!

Wow custom made it look great, I love arcades games The console games just don't have the same quality.

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