How To: Combine a GameCube and N64 into One Awesome Hybrid Gaming Console

Combine a GameCube and N64 into One Awesome Hybrid Gaming Console

The biggest problem with having a lot of gaming systems lying around the house is the clutter. Each device has several cables and adapters that need to be plugged in somewhere and it could leave your gaming area look something like this...

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Not a pretty sight, huh?

Well, thanks to Jon Jandran, you can now use a few less plugs by combining your GamecCube and N64 console to make a...

Game64? NCube? NGame6Cube4?

Whatever you call it, it's a neat project that not only frees up power outlets, but also allows you to store all of your games inside the hybrid console.

The first step he took in making this hybrid console was finding and hollowing out a Game Boy adapter for the GameCube, which was an attachment beneath the console that allowed users to play their Game Boy games.

He then added a Ram HeatSink, trimmed the Nintendo 64 main board, folded the cartridge slot, trimmed and folded the expansion pack, rewired the controller ports, and wired the power and audio/video in the Game Boy adapter.

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After finishing the N64/GameBoy hybrid attachment, he wired it up to the GameCube power and audio/video. To toggle between the GameCube and N64, he added a switch on the side, along with a reset button and power LED.

The final project is very compact and holds a load of games, thanks to a mod that allows the user to play games off of an SD card.

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The photo above is of the finished project, and you can watch the video to see build and the Game64/NCube in action.

For more details on the build, check out the project page over on Made By Bacteria.

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