How To: Fix Your Game Controller's Analog Stick with a Furniture Gripper Pad

Fix Your Game Controller's Analog Stick with a Furniture Gripper Pad

It can get pretty chaotic when you're gaming. When you're playing a fast-paced game like Black Ops, frustration, urgency, and confusion will lead to a sudden loss of control, i.e. a panic attack. There's an enemy at your six and you try to spin around, but it's too late—and that sudden rush of adrenaline will tear your controller to shreds. It's a step beyond mere button-mashing, because it's not really intentional—you just put a little more force on that thumbstick than needed. And now you're out—and so is your controller.

But just because your analog stick is busted, doesn't mean you have to buy a brand new controller. With a little glue and a cheap rubber furniture gripper, you can actually fix that thumbstick pretty easily. In the video below, Yakuza Games will show you how it's done on a Nintendo GameCube controller.

Aside from the furniture gripper, you'll need rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and some silicone adhesive (or superglue).

This quick analog stick fix will work on most controllers, from your PlayStation and Xbox controllers, to various others. If your controller's thumbstick suffered a greater injury, you may want to try this toothpick hack, as demonstrated on an Xbox 360 controller.

If it's just a little loose, like the N64's controller can become, you can try out this, which uses glue to better secure the stick in place...

Or this one, which uses tape...

Got a better way to fix your analog stick? Show us. I'm sure we'd all like to save a few Jacksons.

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