How To: Step Up Your Yard's Game with These Concrete NES Stepping Stones

Step Up Your Yard's Game with These Concrete NES Stepping Stones

In the mid-80s, the Nintendo Entertainment System was released, and it not only revitalized, but also revolutionized the video game industry. With games such as Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, the NES went on to become the best-selling gaming console of its time.

Even though the console is several decades old, it is immortalized in the world of gaming and will forever be known as the standard for gaming consoles. As if that isn't enough, Instructables user fungus amungus has found another way to show how 'concrete' of a footprint the NES has left behind with his NES stepping stones...

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To make his awesome stepping stones for his front yard, fungus amungus first had to take apart his old NES console (the top casing is what's needed).

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Next, he prepped the NES top case by making it as water-tight as possible so that the mold won't get through the cracks. He used tape and a glue gun to seal all of the vents and holes.

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From there, he built a box around the NES top case and coated the entire thing with his won homemade mold. To take it apart, he broke the box apart and carefully peeled off the mold from the console.

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Finally, he prepared his own cement mix and dropped it into the mold. He waited almost 4 hours before taking them out and then 24 hours to let them completely dry. He went over them with a razor blade to sharpen and chisel the look.

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The stones can be colored, but he preferred to keep them grey. He also mentions other consoles which this mold can work for, including the Dreamcast, the original PlayStation, the original Xbox, 3DO, and the GameCube.

If that's not enough to quench your NES-inspired landscaping needs, try out this Super Mario Piranha Planter!

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How would you NES your yard?

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