News: Beat Super Mario Bros on NES in 5 minutes

Beat Super Mario Bros on NES in 5 minutes

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interesting submission. I could beat the nintendo game Kung Fu in 4 mins.

anybody using the Fire NES plugin add-on yet?

dat #$%@ wa fake in world 8-4 under water u hit da fire thing 2wice n u didnt die

I'm having flashback.......

i knew this was clip of the day material

i see 3 possibilities: 1: this guy is a freak who has no life 2: this person is god 3: this is a hack

wow amazing dude...good precision...

Why does it always seem like he touches the monsters, but doesn't die?

The NES is the most pirated and hacked game console in the world, this game is hacked, I noticed that too, I have seen it done.

i could pass mario fast when i was 8 years old


fake...never dies and touch fire...nice computer work!

nice computer work...totally fake

nice God mode!

Ha i could beat that game in 1minute and 26seconds.This stupidness is fake who ever did that crap is stupid and he would not be able to reach level2

interesting,im not ready to call it yet.

well he knew the shortcuts..besides cheating

Well I doth thy hat to thee, that's all i can say!

is it just me or did he seem to touch like all the enemies?

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