How To: Cut lexan for a control panel overlay for an arcade

Cut lexan for a control panel overlay for an arcade

In this video we get to see how to cut a lexan for your control panel overlay. First we have to lay the control panel on the lexan. Now go to any corner. We use just three tolls in our process two drill bits and a scoring tool. Take the scoring tool and drag it along the sides so that the lexan breaks or cracks. There is no reason to worry since lexan is very easy to work with. Now take the torn lexan and place it on the top of the panel. Clamp it using the clamps at the corners. Now we take the drill bits. We use 1 1/4 for joystick holes and 1 1/8 for buttons and start. Now insert the drill bit to the machine and place your board to get the holes drilled. And after it is done peel off the protective coating and the lexan fixes into it exactly on the control panel. Well if we don't have a drill machine it is optional to go for the hand held drill but the drill should enter in absolutely 90 degrees to get the requirement or else lexan may break. That's it we get what we need.

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